Oviedo & Wildwood in Sunny Florida

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My Name is Frank previously known as the SLRNUT!

I have been a stamp dealer for 20 years in the UK - I have always dabbled in photography and collected model trains as well.

I used to teach Photography classes at Crealde School of Art in Winter Park and at Colonial Photo & Hobby in Orlando where I worked for the 12 years

I collect mostly Canon Cameras myself - but as usual branch out when I find something PRETTY!! (which seems to be a lot of things)

In Retirement i still intend to help with fixing cameras and trading cameras.

I buy collections and most of what I don't use or need gets donated to the kids. 

I will continue to give private camera classes so contact me for an appointment.

I can appraise stamp and Camera collections 

Many Estates have used my services over the years for free. Helped clients sell millions of dollars worth of items over the last 15 years in Florida.

Contact me to set up an appointment

I also collect European Model Trians

Hornby - Bachmann - Dapol - Ace  etc

Will buy any model train collection as I can swap the US stuff for European stuff.